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Local author releases second book in Angel’s series

Angels For All is local author Nancy Powell’s second book. It is part of the Ollie’s Angels Series. The third book, scheduled for release later this year, continues the story of an Arkansas farm family.

Nancy Powell is married, the mother of two children and has seven grandchildren. She is a member of the Church of Christ, River Valley Writers of Fort Smith, Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Greenwood Writers, and Roundtable Poets.

I wrote a book review, published in the Greenwood Democrat, for her first novel, Dark Secrets. She will be having various book signings in the local area, so watch for dates and times in your local newspaper. One is coming up October 13, at the main Fort Smith Library.

The author keeps you reading because she does such a good job of providing one exciting story after another. Author Nancy Powell has a unique way of weaving you from one story to another so that you don’t want to put the book down. You have to read the next chapter to find out what exciting adventure happens to Ollie next.

The first book ended with Ollie and her future husband repairing an old house on a sharecrop farm. The second book continues their story with Ollie and Roy getting married. Ollie wants a small wedding but her mother takes over and invites most everyone in the community. The book setting is a farm in Arkansas during the Depression years.

I find the story line very interesting. The couple works together at farming, and they have a garden that helps them through hardships. It reminds me of my own grandmother who had a huge garden when I was growing up. Reading the stories Nancy Powell tells about the dangers and mishaps of living through drought and the Great Depression is interesting.

Ollie receives premonitions of danger that she believes are sent by guardian angels. She needs her angel many times during the years of hardships portrayed in this book. When she does not heed warnings, her regrets are serious.

All of their savings goes for a down payment on buying the farm—then drought and the Depression hits. With no paying jobs locally, Roy leaves for North Dakota to work in the wheat harvest so they can pay the mortgage. Ollie, left alone with two babies, gathers crops and runs the farm. The experiences she goes through are riveting. They hold your attention until you find out what happens after each disaster.

Her husband has to go away again the following year to find work in another state. Pellagra, from an improper diet, leaves Ollie weak and unable to work like before. In spite of her mama’s pleas, she insists on staying on the farm to care for the children, farm animals, and to guard against thieves.

Ollie and the babies live through a tornado, wild animal attacks, neighbors who steal from her, drought, lack of food, illness, and so forth. I felt like I was part of the story. The author has a way of making the reader feel like they are Ollie in the story. The ending is a surprise, but I know another book is coming. I cannot wait to get the new one.

I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of Angels For All. If you haven’t read Dark Secrets yet, you need to buy both of them. They would make good Christmas gifts for a loved one on your list.