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GREENWOOD HERITAGE: June 12-Keep your kids busy during summer

What are you doing with you children or child this summer? This is a question we should have been asking ourselves weeks and maybe even months ago. It takes planning, organizing and usually some money saved up.

I was sitting here the other day thinking about Greenwood Schools being over. I thought back to when my kids were little and what I did about the situation. I often worked full time and that included summers. I remember getting them involved in Community programs such as “The Big Brother” and “The Big Sister” Program. This was because my husband was overseas one year and the kids and I were back here in the States. It was difficult keeping them busy but I managed somehow, but it took help. When they were old enough they played soccer and baseball. They were taught to love reading and they spent hours reading books.

When they were teenagers and it was summer I got them involved with programs that cost money. I sent them to camps, got them involved with summer education projects, sports etc. But I remember it took work and research to find the right program for them during the summer. I didn’t believe in letting them be idle with nothing to do. No sitting around watching TV for my kids and no playing the computer all day.

But lets come back to the present here in Greenwood, AR. Now that school is over there will be thousands of children out on our streets with little to do unless someone organizes them and gives them something to do. Times have changed and almost every family has both mother and father working. It is so bad financially that you often find Grandma and Grandpa working later into their retirement also. There is nobody around to watch these kids. The community is left with the burden and I hope they are prepared.

I have no kids at home anymore but I do have grandchildren. The two younger ones are being taken care of, but what of the teenagers? Jobs are hard to find for many of them, and the community leaves much of the responsibility up to the parents. But many parents can’t cope with the stress and the extra charge of keeping the older kids involved in some sort of program. I also have teenagers for grandchildren. It takes more and more money to keep them happy the older they get. Keeping them busy takes a person with a bigger IQ then I have. You have to find something they want to do that doesn’t cost a million dollars. Anyone have an idea??

After some research I found out that there are lots of things for kids to do in the area. This week there are lots of Sports camps going on. They have baseball camp etc. Kids were sent forms home from school and if they gave them to their parents, something could have been planned ahead. I asked why all the camps were this week and then nothing the rest of the summer. I was told that they wanted to get everything over with so not to interfere with family vacation time. But how many families can’t afford to take a vacation? So what happens to the kids for the rest of the summer?

I believe in getting your children involved in a variety of opportunities. I did it with my children but then I never forced them to continue in something they weren’t interested in. But I did feel it necessary for them to at least try something once. Child experts on education believe it is important for their development to give them hands on teaching by letting them get involved in a variety of learning experiences.

I found out that this area offers Art lessons and even an Art Camp. You call 479-561-2321 for information or go to the internet at