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Mama’s cure-alls

It all started when I fell and got the bump on my head that has led from one thing to another. First a UTI, then the big callus on the bottom of my foot started hurting. It is a big one that I tried to remove myself a few years ago which was a big mistake. I went too deep with the pumice that I was using which almost caused a bad infection. Now I have a standing appointment with the podiatrist every four months.

Tuesday I had the test everyone dreads so bad. The test isn’t so bad but it is the prep that almost kills you. Those of you who have had to drink a whole gallon of that awful tasting stuff knows what I mean. I consider it “Elder Abuse” so I am thinking of filing a Law Suit against the makers of Nulytely claiming Elder Abuse. I can laugh about it now but that Monday it was no laughing matter. Now I think of all the Elders that I made drink that when I was working at the hospital. At least I can say I have been treated from head to foot and everything in between. One shouldn’t complain about the test we have to go through. I think if they had had such test when my Daddy was alive he might not have left us at the age of 57 with colon cancer. I know that our family doctor, the late Dr. C. W. Hall did all he could or all that he knew to do to save him.

I am having a little trouble with anemia now so brother Jim suggested that I needed a little sassafras tea. Mama’s cure for what ailed you in the spring time or should I say to PREVENT your having anything. I know if we had dark circles under our eyes, to her we were having a little kidney problem so out came the soda water. I am not talking about the flavored kind of soda water but the kind that was made with pure soda straight out of the Arm and Hammer box. One of her favorite cures for just about anything was a dose or two of senna tea. It was almost as bad as the gallon jug of Nulytely. I know I joke about Mama’s cure-alls but she did the best she knew how and most of the time it seemed to work. I would drink a little sassafras tea now if I had some sassafras.

Brother Jim laughs about his having asthma when he was young. Her cure for that was smoking Rabbit Tobacco, a wild weed that grew along the roadside. How big he felt sitting in the front of the wagon going to town smoking his rabbit tobacco cigarette. I guess it must have cured him as he no longer has asthma. In earlier days Belladonna Cigarettes were sold for the treatment of asthma. Belladonna is a poisonous plant and is still used for medicinal purpose in what is now called Atropine. I guess Mama’s cures were just as good as what we pay a high price for today. I am sure to hear my kids tell that I used some of her cures on them. I’m “JUSTA THANKING” I might just try all the cures a little at a time and I might be, as the old saying goes, as healthy as a horse. So if you see me running in the next 5 K race that I did use all and they all worked. At least they all couldn’t be any worse that a gallon jug of Nulytely.

(Note from Sister Jane: Mama also had a cure to prevent playing hooky from school (again) which I did in the first grade. Having two tablespoons of castor oil poked in my mouth convinced me that playing hooky wasn’t the thing to do! I was given two as the first one didn’t stay down.)