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MARY’S MEANDERINGS: July 24 — It’ll Be a Garden to Behold

She lifts her finger to her moistened lips

scanning the pages of last years seed catalog.

She is anxious…promising anyone who listens

this will be her last,

but broken promises can be forgiven.

The day is warm and still.

A bird’s song breaks the silence.

The creaking sound of her rocking chair ceases.

A sweet, earthy smell drifts from nearby

early sprouts of mint and sage.

Principles of Scarlet Runner, Kentucky Wonder

and Black Simpson lettuce

laced over myriads of dirt mounds.

A riot of shapes and colors

mixed with variety according to hue.

Imagining the feel of the warm, damp soil,

visualizing the strong sunlight colors,

stretching the fence to unreasonable lengths,

she dares a soul to venture into her domain

tracking down the edible shades of green.

Only she knows the plan.

Time passes as time will do,

with pleasant thoughts of yielding.

She gazes into the distance marveling at it all

knowing it is not hers alone.

With stooped back, calloused hands, broken promises

again…she will plant, gather and give

to those who’ve never had a green thumb.