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MARY’S MEANDERINGS: June 26-Poetry personalizes gifts

Take the time…write a rhyme.

When you find yourself without an appropriate card to accompany a birthday, anniversary or any kind of gift, this is a suggestion to add individuality.

It all started when a friend, Alice, gave me a birthday present a long time ago…back in the 1960’s.

Although I don’t remember the gift, I never forgot the four-line, hand-written card that Alice included with my present, and with the changing of a word or two, over the years, I’ve made use of that rhyming verse more times than one.

I still have the little card as shown above.

It can be used with just about any gift you desire to give; even money, by changing the first line to read: This money itself may soon be spent.

Here are a few suggestions:

Handkerchief — I’m sending you these handkerchiefs,

I’m pretty sure you know

The plain ones are for use right now,

But, the fancy ones are for show.

Socks — Some people like good books to read,

Others might like good candy,

Socks, I know appeal to you,

I hope these come in handy.

Umbrella — I send a gift that’s rather strange,

Though you may lend or lose it,

Just try to “keep it close at hand,”

Some rainy day you’ll use it.

Dish — Please accept this gift from me,

It’s not an empty dish.

Look! It’s running over “to the brim”

With a sweet and kindly wish!

Sweater — I couldn’t think of nothing better,

Than a bright and pretty sweater;

With your cheeks all pink and rosy,

Feeling snug and Oh! so cozy.

Gold Chain — Here’s a chain of pleasant memories,

One glance, I hope you’ll see,

The brightness mirrored in the gold,

And link your thoughts to me.

An added suggestion when sending a book as a gift, just sign with these words…”I hope this book becomes your friend, especially true of this one I send.”

The list goes on and on and I hope yours will too.