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<p>Miss Iva Lee Hearn</p>

Miss Iva Lee Hearn

HISTORY…a branch of knowledge that records and explains the past.

Although I “do better” with thoughts and memories of my grade school teacher…Miss Hearn…let me share a written outline (that must have took time, thoughts, and yes, memories) for her that she sent to me in June 1997.

I was one of the Planning Committee members of the Jenny Lind School Reunion…where there were over 400 former pupils, families and teachers attending.

We requested the teachers send us any data (of their choice) they might have of their long teaching careers. Below is Miss Iva Lee Hearn’s outline. A teacher well known and loved…not just for her thorough and brilliant teaching, but for her determination to attain the education needed to be the best life long teacher she was…for the wit that we as her students enjoyed and the vim, vigor and vitality she showed as a great girls coach with a winning spirit she always displayed on the basketball court…from 1935 until 1975.

  1. Finished elementary, 7th/8th grade at Oak Grove School on what is now Fort Chaffee.
  2. Two yrs of high school at Keota. Last 2 yrs of high at Greenwood High.
  3. Attended 2 yrs at Ark Polytechnic College (at that time we could get a teachers’ license with 60 required hours.
  4. Started my first teaching job (3rd-5th) at Sandy School in 1935 (Fall) North of Paris, Ark, down in the river bottoms for (1 yr only.)
  5. Came to Greenwood Schools. Sent to Jenny Lind School. 5th grade (Later at different years had combination of 3rd, 4th & 5th. Coached Jr. High Girls Basketball team. “OH BOY!” This was a real pleasure. A story in itself.
  6. Was moved to Jr. High math at Greenwood.
  7. Later started H. S. Girls Physical Education Dept.
  8. Taught Senior High Math the remainder of the time I spent in Greenwood, PLUS 7th period Study Hall. (Another “Oh Boy”!) I finished my Bachelor’s Degree during summer terms at Arkansas State Teacher’s College. (1948) (now U.C.A.)
  9. Left Greenwood in the fall of 1951 and went to Charleston, South Carolina teaching 5th & 6th grades. Stayed there 7 enjoyable years. Came back to Arkansas (Fall of 1959.)
  10. Started teaching in Fort Smith at different times, 4th & 5th grades or a combination of both for 17 years. During the summer months I worked on a Masters Degree at the University of Arkansas. Finished it in 1957.
  11. Retired in 1975 (I believe.)

Many little interesting as well as humorous things occurred, but I would need to write a book. Yes, sad things happened too, but that is life.

Teachers in my day did not know what extra pay for extra hours of volunteer work was. Life to me has been busy, but generally happy. But, after 85 years, I guess it is time to slow down.

My mother said: “When we don’t exercise enough sense to slow down, the Good Lord usually does it for us.” Amen!

If this is not sufficient, clue me in to what else I can do, but remember I’m slower in body & mind than I once was.

Iva Lee Hearn

…AND SHE WRITES…Dear Mary Ann, this is messy and may not be WHAT YOU WANT. If I wrote it again, it would be no neater. So many memories (pleasant as well as funny) I have of the fine children I taught at Jenny Lind, but as I said, that would take a book!

I tried to get in touch with you by phone, but you were not home. That’s O.K. They say the same about me.

June of 1997

She was born in 1912. She passed away at the age of 92.