AR reader winners

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<p>Accelerated Reader winners for the fourth quarter were (first row): Julia Brixey, Macklin Luke, Alyssa Hooper, Destiny Deal, Emma Booker, (second row): Kim Kulas, Aryn Case, Mark Johnson, Jonathan Stephens, (third row): J.T. Jones, Rachel Taylor , Martin Tran, and Kendra Shigley. (Not Pictured: Timothy Eglinsdoerfer, Caleb Bivins, and Liam Connally)</p>
<p>FINAO winners included (first row): Francisco Angel, Jacob Simmons, Skylar Cagle, Mikayla Beck, Reagan Scifres, Makynlee Young, Abby Short, (2nd row): Allie Johansen, Weston Cumbie, Kenney Sweeney, Jake McDonald, Heidi Bailey, (3rd row): Carver Mitchell, Katelyn Deer, Hannah Deleon , Martin Tran, Bobby Wallace, Emma Hunt, Sabah Ismail, (4th row): Domonic Brammer, Victoria Horan, Aubrey Barnes, Jonathan Chance, Zach Morgan, Blake Pschier.</p>
<p>Two students, J.T. Jones and Macklin Luke, both earned over 1000 AR Points for the year!</p>

East Hills held its 4th quarter “Failure Is Not An Option” (FINAO) and Accelerated Reader assembly on Tuesday, May 28th. The FINAO program is designed to help keep students focused on quarterly goals and offers numerous drawing at the end of each quarter. There were a total of 43 drawings awarded in the Accelerated Reader and FINAO. Cash prizes ranges from $5 to $75.

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