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Arkansas Tech Dean’s List

Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus has announced its Chancellor’s List and Honor Roll for the fall 2013 semester.

The Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus Chancellor’s List recognizes students who complete a semester with a 4.0 grade point average, while the Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus Honor Roll honors students who complete a semester with a grade point average between 3.5-3.9.

GREENWOOD —- Judith Brooks, Haley Brown, Kirby Coggin (4.0), Melissa Dorr (4.0), Charles Gough (4.0), Karon Hamilton (4.0), Joshua Johnson, Ashley Laster, Earl Mann (4.0), Hunter Mikles, Steve Nelms (4.0), Larry Peugh, Andy Pool (4.0), Reonna Scott (4.0), Jessica Sharp, Sylvia Tucker, Cheryl Turner, Joshua Wade (4.0), Windell Wallace (4.0);

HACKETT —- Terry Gibbs (4.0), Cynthia King (4.0), Patricia Lane, Amy Moore (4.0), Mason Williamson;

HARTFORD —- Shirley Gaston (4.0), Tammie Pritchett;

HUNTINGTON —- Deidre Williams;

MANSFIELD —- Donna Bridges, Whitnie Daffron (4.0), Pamela Thompson (4.0)

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