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Back to School — Greenwood Junior High School

Greenwood Jr. High School will begin the 2013-2014 school year on Monday, August 19, 2013. The faculty and staff at GJHS will be expecting 600 students in grades eight and nine and up to 100 students in the ABC Pre-K program. Cody Chatman, Principal, announces the following staff: Frances Allen, Oral Communications, Lori Anderson, Media Aide, Rachel Beam, ABC Paraprofessional, Lyndi Bracamontes, Algebra I, Tammy Brewer, Economics, Melissa Bridges, ABC Director, Chandra Brotherton, English, Brandon Burton, Health/Athletics, Cheryl Bynum, ABC Paraprofessional, Camilla Cantrell, Family & Consumer Sciences, Jessica Carson, ABC Instructor, Kaycee Cheek, ABC Paraprofessional, Donna Childress, Study Hall, Leslie Clements, Business Department, Kara Copher, English, Nena Cox, Mathematics/Special Education, Roy Cox, Agricultural Sciences, Tracy Curry, Paraprofessional, Tanya Cusick, Paraprofessional, Jodi Davis, Paraprofessional, Paul Dean, Physical Education/Athletics, Cindie Escalante, Mathematics, Emily Evans, Band, Courtney Fogleman, English/Social Studies, Rachel Fontenot, Special Education, Wanda Fugett, RN, David Furlow, Survey of Fine Arts/Art, Paula Gabbard, ABC Instructor, Aaron Gamble, Assistant Principal, Jason Gill, Health/Athletics, Tim Golden, Science/Athletics, Ryan Hargis, ALE, Melissa Hewett, Special Education, Dana Higgins, Science, Josh Holloway, History/Athletics, Gilbert Huerta, Spanish, Rick Jones, Athletics, Marka Keddie, Special Education, Audrey Kengla, Speech Language Pathologist, John Kincade, Athletics, Sheila Lemley, Counselor, Nicole Little, English, Candi Long, ABC Instructor, Brian Martin, Athletics, Andrew Maxwell, Mathematics, Anna McBride, Receptionist, Melitta McCorkle, Media Specialist, Jared Miller, Special Education, Amanda Moore, Paraprofessional, Karen Murphy, Choral Music, Justin Newhart, Construction Technology, Greg Nichols, Physical Education/Athletics, Jeana Parks, Secretary, Alicia Peerson, English, Col Mike Posey, AFJROTC, Clay Reeves, Athletics, Diana Rhea, EAST Lab, Shannon Rhea, Science/Athletics, Stephanie Robb, Mathematics, Shanna Roberts, Physical Science, Joseph Rocconi, Physical Science, Kristine Sanders, ABC Paraprofessional, Crystal Sexton, Business Department, Joel Sillavan, Band, Brian Sims, History/Athletics, Janet Staed, Business Department, Mark Steele, Band, Barbara Styles, History, Kenneth Thornton, Physical Education/Athletics, Melanie Verrette, Band, Ronnie Williams, Civics/Athletics, Nikki Wilson, ABC Instructor, Haydi Yocom, ABC Paraprofessional and Roy Zimmerman, Choral Music.

Greenwood Jr. High will host an open house on August 8 at 6:30 p.m. for eighth and ninth grade students and their parents to familiarize themselves with the school and teachers. Pre-K students will meet for orientation at a later date. School will begin on Monday, August 19 at 7:55 a.m. Ninth grade students will report to the third period class on the first day of school. Eighth grade students will report to the volleyball gym. Teachers will hand out important paperwork and go over the student handbook.

Student dress code will remain relatively the same, but please note that GJHS will allow athletic shorts during the coming school year. Athletic shorts must be knee length. Students will continue to be allowed to use electronic devices for educational purposes with instructor approval. If your student is to be absent, parents please call the office @ 996-7440 to report any illness or other scheduled absences.

Textbooks will be provided for students to keep at home. Backpacks may be carried throughout the day.

Lunch at Greenwood Jr. High will cost $2.25 for the plate lunch and $2.50 for chicken strips and fries. Breakfast is available for $1.25 and additional milk may be purchased for 30 cents.

Greenwood Junior High students will need paper, pencils, pens, six folders with pockets and fasteners, and some type of large zipper binder. Some instructors may require additional supplies such as three ring binders. They will make you aware at open house or on the first day of class.

The faculty and staff of Greenwood Junior High are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding 2013-2014 school year. Hope to see you at Open House on August 8th at Greenwood Junior High School, “Where leadership and learning come together!”