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City of Greenwood — City Clerk’s Office Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Greenwood’s City Clerk/Treasurer office shall be to preserve records for cultural heritage that document the activity for the City of Greenwood legislative and administrative body and to accurately record the proceedings of voting meetings and/or study sessions via written, digital, video and audio media. Proper records retention will also be impressed upon the other departments and offices in the municipality so that a complete picture of Greenwood’s municipal activity and intent can be documented and made accessible for public inquiry and review. With diligence, this office will be ever mindful of this important and essential endeavor to preserve and archive activities for historical purposes. This office shall also maintain fiscal responsibility at all times, encouraging an atmosphere of pride through mutual inter-departmental support. This office shall strive to employ the use of resources and technologies to further enhance professionalism of the office and, at all times, adhere to the directives of the current Handbook for Arkansas Municipal Officials.