Greenwood Art Guild gifts Chamber with mural

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<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Lisa Clay and Lorrie Bridges posing with the design of one side of the mural. The design was drawn onto brown paper and then transfer paper was used to send the image to the masonite canvas.</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Sharla Derry and Lorrie Bridges posing with the design of one side of the mural. The design for the mural was created by the Greenwood Art Guild Officers, Martha Efurd, Lisa Clay, Lorrie Bridges and Sharla Derry.</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Sharla Derry is painting part of the mural. Only five art guild members could work at any one time due to space contraints.</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Lisa Clay, Teri Hicks and Wanda Granderson are painting the design onto the mural. The process took several months to complete.</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Lorrie Bridges and Teri Hicks are deciding where to paint next.</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Martha Efurd, Teri Hicks and Sharla Derry enjoying their turn at work. Ten different Art Guild members contributed to the creation of this mural.</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Ray Webb helps John Fairbanks hang the frame for the mural. Fairbanks designed and built the frame for the mural and will seal the final canvas once the weather warms.</p>
<p>PHOTO BY MICHAEL STROMLEY</p><p>The new mural at the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce building, dedicated to the citizens of Greenwood by the Greenwood Art Guild.</p>
<p>PHOTO BY MICHAEL STROMLEY</p><p>Norman Wilkinson, Jeannette Hunnicutt, Lorrie Bridges, Sharla Derry, Lisa Clay, Martha Efurd and Doris Tate were part of the unveiling of the new mural dedicated to the citizens of Greenwood.</p>

In July of 2012, Doris Tate from the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce approached the Greenwood Art Guild with an idea to do a mural on the outside wall of the Chamber of Commerce. The Art Guild met to discuss the proposition and decided they loved the idea. They decided to do a map of Greenwood in 2013. “After talking with Doris, we thought it should be a snapshot or time capsule of our town,” Sharla Derry explained.

The artists decided on using masonite paneling as a canvas and chose a size of 10’ x 6’. The mural was designed and layed out by the officers of the Greenwood Art Guild (Martha Efurd, Lisa Clay, Lorrie Bridges and Sharla Derry). The actual painting was done by Sharla Derry, Teri Hicks, Jeannette Hunnicutt, Martha Efurd, Lorrie Bridges, Linda Faber, Lisa Clay, Wanda Granderson, Ginger Hamm and Candy Ware.

“I’ve been here only 16 years and I learned a lot about Greenwood while working on this mural. I had a lot of fun,” Lisa Clay exclaimed.

Martha Efurd added, “We all had a lot of fun getting together and enjoying each other’s company. This is what artists do.”

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