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Improved format for Greenwood Democrat Online

The online edition of the Greenwood Democrat will go to a subscription only format beginning September 4.

Current subscribers can register now and gain access to the website at no additional cost.

The website will require a login before a reader can gain access to the stories. Subscribers will be provided a username and password. Those who do not have a subscription will be able to purchase one online. New print subscribers will also gain access to the website at no additional cost.

The online edition of the Greenwood Democrat has undergone numerous changes during the year. Not only does it contain all content in the print edition of the paper, but there are additional stories and pictures as well. Another huge plus is the fact that every picture will be in full color online.

“Having the ability to send stories to the website at any time is going to be great,” Summer Aina, the Greenwood Democrat Publisher, explained. “We have plans set to start publishing sports and special events directly to the web so our customers can have access without having to wait until Wednesday.”

“This will give people a great new way to have access to Greenwood news. Our website is accessible from smart phones and tablets as well,” added Michael Stromley, one of the Greenwood Democrat’s editors.

Check out the new and improved Greenwood Democrat online today at

The Greenwood Democrat website is available only to print and digital subscribers. If you are already a subscriber, you can access the website at no additional charge.