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Keeping Greenwood ‘A Good Place to Live’

Owning a dog is a big responsibility that last for many years. One that is often overlooked is the vaccination/licensed and registering your dog with the City. In the City of Greenwood for example only a small percentage of the dogs are estimated to be licensed or registered. Failing to license your dog can hinder your chances of getting them back if picked up by the Animal Control Officer and could result in you being issued a citation.

If the above isn’t reason enough for you to properly license and register your dog, here are more reasons why you should.

1. It’s the Law. In Greenwood, ordinance 09-03 states it is mandatory that dog owners have their dogs licensed and registered. If the animal is picked up without a license, which can and does happen, you will be issued a citation. Dogs must have a renewed license each year, which must be displayed on them at all times. Cost of Registration with the city is $5.00 for altered animals (with proof from a veterinarian) and $15.00 for intact animals. If an animal is Micro chipped and registration is within 90 days of rabies vaccination, the fee for registration is waived (Owner must provide proof of animal being Micro chipped.) Also during the month of January the pet owners can bring proof of vaccination to City Hall for registration and the fee will be waived.

2. If your dog goes missing, having them licensed drastically improves your chances of getting them back. A license tag helps our animal control officer, veterinarian and animal shelters identify your animal and get them back to you safely. Licensed dogs normally kept at shelters longer than unlicensed dogs, which are first to be euthanized if their owners don’t claim them.

3. The cost of license and registration is far less that the penalty for being caught without one. If an Animal Control officer finds your dog without a license, you can end up paying a fee of up to$150.00 plus $25.00 per day for boarding.

4. Licensing lets people know that your dog is up to date on its rabies vaccinations. A dog cannot be licensed and registered unless it is properly vaccinated. This makes it safer for Animal Control or a Good Samaritan to handle and care for when they know the animal is healthy.

5. License fees support the efforts of many local animal shelter and animal control. By paying to properly ID your dog, you are helping to feed and house stray dogs found on our streets.

Please check with your local Veterinarian to find the cost of vaccination.