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Mayor’s Office Statement regarding annexation meetings

Citizens of Greenwood and the surrounding area:

It has come to the understanding of the Mayor that there may be several questions that were unanswered last Thursday night, or questions that have arisen later as people have been able reflect on the information presented during the Annexation Committee meeting on May 23. The Mayor and his staff want you to know we are here for those questions and want to serve as a line of open communication between the people of the community and the Annexation Committee. While our department heads are not members of the Committee, they are responsible for providing the Committee with the needed information pertaining to their department. We invite you to call the Mayor’s office for more information, as well as his cell phone (479)252-0690. Messages may also be sent by email to

We do want to welcome you to the future annexation meetings, which will be held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. Future procedures for meetings will be as follows to allow each individual to be heard:

As you come in if you would like to ask a question please put your name on the clip board provided. After findings of the committee have been discussed and the committee has completed its items on the agenda, those on the clip board will be called forward to ask their questions. Though this is an open forum meeting, structure must be maintained to allow communication lines to go both ways.

Thank you

Office of the Mayor

Annexation Committee

Voting Committee Members

Angela Ulmer

Bob Beams

Chris Bader

Craig Hamilton

Gary Campbell

Jim Newcomb

Rod Powell

Non-voting Committee Members

Robert McKinney

Steve Ratterree

Advisors to the Committee

Bill Hollenbeck

Gary Grimes

Jeffrey Turner

Judge David Hudson

Mike Hamby

Ron Brixey


Field Advisors to the Committee

Doug Kinslow-Parks

Greg Cross-Sewer/Water Plant

Joe Manes-Street

Stewart Bryan-Fire

Tim Posey-Water Distribution

Will Dawson-Greenwood PD