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Mayor’s pay scale expected to be dropped from ordinance

The Greenwood City Council will meet on Monday, April 7 at 7 p.m. in City Hall. In addition to the Department and Committee reports, there are only four items on the agenda. Under old business, the Mayor is expected to present a resolution to amend the budget for department heads and elected officials. Rod Powell will also bring his Ordinance Establishing Compensation in Office of Mayor back for the second reading. A list of duties, including meeting attendance, is expected to be added to the ordinance. According to Powell, the pay scale presented last month breaking the Mayor’s pay down by experience and education level will be removed completely.

The two items being brought in front of the council under new business are an ordinance adjusting tap fees for the Water Department and a resolution to amend the general fund for fireworks.

It is uncertain if the Council will address any of the issues regarding annexation.