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Student’s letter brings Congressman to Westwood

<p>PHOTO BY MICHAEL STROMLEY</p><p>Congressman Steve Womack with Eden Adams in front of Westwood Elementary School.</p>


Congressman Steve Womack with Eden Adams in front of Westwood Elementary School.

Eden Adams, a 4th grader at Westwood Elementary wrote a letter to Arkansas Representative Steve Womack. Adams was recently elected class president while learning about government and decided that having a congressman come speak to her class would be beneficial.

Congressman Womack was thrilled to come to Greenwood. Giving back to the community is one of his four keys to being a successful person. It also gave him a chance to go to a Greenwood Bulldog football game.

Womack spoke to the gathered Westwood students about his keys to success. He explained how education, behavior, health and volunteerism are an essential part of being a successful person. He advised the children to focus a little more on the things they were not good at, follow the rules, eat right, exercise and above all, help others without expecting payment.

Several students were given the chance to ask Womack several questions. They ranged from, “How much do you get paid?” ($174,000) to “Do you like Minecraft?” (I think so.) Every one of the students that listened to Steve Womack was delighted with the visit judging by the number of hands raised asking for Womack’s attention.

Steve Womack was very proud of Eden and what she stands for, “It is never too early to be an active participant in our government. Eden is proof of it, and her initiative and drive give me confidence in America’s next generation of leaders. I’m glad I could visit Westwood to encourage Eden and her class. They are the future of our country.”

Here is Eden Adams’ letter to Steve Womack:

Hello, I’m Eden Adams, a student at Westwood Elementary Greenwood, Arkansas.(I had to use my mom’s email address.) I am in Ms. Saxton’s class (4th grade). We are learning about the government and how it works, so we are electing members of congress to “rule” our class, ( I won president!) so I was wondering if you could come to our class to talk about your job. I have been searching online for the past 40 minutes to find a representative that fit (and was close, not faraway) to come to Westwood. When I saw you lived in Fort Smith, I thought “Hmm….. it’s either Steve Womack or Jake Files and I know that Ms. Saxton knows Jake Files so I think I will pick somebody that we don’t know and we can learn as much about him so that if he chooses to come, we will have learned a lot about him and we can share some facts about him, sort of a mini true or false kind of thing, and if he decides not to come we will have learned a lot about a new person and he may come visit us another! tim! e.” Nobody knows about this yet, so it will be a big surprise if you could come. If you would like to come, please call me and say ” This is Steve Womack Arkansas representative and I would like to speak to Eden Adams.” (But it can’t be any time from 7:30 to 4:00 because I will be at school or on the bus.) Again if you can not come that is fine but if you do decide to come just call: