Westwood Accelerated Readers

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<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Mrs. Efurd’s Room: Harper Berg (T), Bailey Bucker, Clara Burton (T), Caleb Cannavan, Matthew Caviness, Joann Davis, Christian Fleming, Zachary Freeman (T), Nathan Garvin, Maddox Glover (T) Eve Maddux Greiner, Corbin Lamb (T) Felicity Napier (T), Xavier Moore, Trea O’Neal, Sierra Palmer, Emmie Sawyer (T), Madison Watkins, Alexis Wieser (T), Blake White</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Mrs. Barker’s Room: Kenzie Young, Cash Owenby, Baylee Parnell, Ainsley Trantham, Keelie Dolan (T) Madelyn Creason (T), Asher Brasher, Trinnon Strawser, David Coggin (T),Nathan Nhongvongsithi (T), Olivia Willbanks, Brianna Wilson, Allison Thomas (T), Carson Thornsberry (T), KayLynn Werner (T), Mackenzie Skaggs (T), Lake Williams (T)</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Mrs. Pinson’s Room: Caleb Burnett, Jayden Clem, Roger Gwinn, Riley Martin, Alex Mitchell (T), Aydan Taylor, Parker Tyson, Carole Werner</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Mrs. Hart’s Room: Rhett Hubbard (T), Loren Goff, Makenzie Vail, Braxton Morehead (T), Kaylee Landherr, Mason Moore (T), Lauren Kilgore, Gavin Gibbs (T), Timberlan Griffith (T), Landon Alexander, Mingyue Vass (T), Jade Pack (T), Piper Pitts (T), Matthew Kirkham, Jonthan Martinez (T), Shaylyn Morse( T), Brock Boyt</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Mrs. Pyles’ Room: Liddie-Ann Adams (T), Josh Andrews, Adam Chance, Katlyn Cherry, Alex Deque, Haylee Heflin (T), Peyton Kaminshine (T), Halie Key, Jacob Lasiter (T), Gavin McDonals, Devin O’Neal, Kylee Patton, Aspen Pyton (T), Lauryn Quenga (T), Weston Rushing (T), Trevor Tucker (T), Ambria Whittaker (T) Bradley Wooters (T)</p>
<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Mrs. Brown’s Room: Landon Allen, Jonathan Awbrey, Emeline Burton (T), Keith Davis (T), Mora Deleski, Emery Driscoll, Jayleigh Gann, Ronnie Pierce (T),Tori Hastings, Sydney Hopper, Hudson Meeker (T) Madison Miller</p>

The Accelerated Reading is a program used in the Westwood School to help promote reading. In first grade, students must read and earn 50 points to earn a a certificate and 75 points to earn a certificate and trophy. Those who have a (T) beside their name earned the trophy.

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