Westwood Elementary: Award winning AR readers

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<p>Mrs. Efurd’s class: Braxton Davis, Lucas Dolan, Vada Jarrell, Austin Mitchell, Alex Rathbun, Ryan Shortes, Brett Woolsey, Maddie Alexander, Braxton Blanchard, Lillee Breese, Kinsey Conway, Veronica Cordero, Aliana Garcia, Logan Grazier, Caden Nelms, Ruby Parks, Laynee Post, Brylee Rodgers, Dakota Vaughn, Brooklyn Woolsey, and MadisonTaylor.</p>
<p>Mrs. Hart’s class: Krista Bailey, Lindah Bartok, Alivia Bradshaw, Bryson Dalem, Jack Griffin, Tyler Ledoux, Isaiah Niles, Brendin Snow, Caid Thorman, and Tyler Turnipseed.</p>
<p>Mr. Barker’s class: Salem Colburn, Landry Gamble, Cameron Green, Carson Hobbs, Victoria Howard, Joslyn Lay, Venessa Lewis, Sophee Oliver, Taryn Presson, Bailey Rainwater, Keara Rice, Kiera Scott, Kolton Sims, Madison Snow, Abigail Webb, Riley White, Emma Wirth</p>
<p>Mrs. Pinson’s class: Randy Dickerson, Dax Martin, Peyton Presson, Jackson Witherington</p>
<p>Mrs. Brown’s class: Zane Allen, Alyssa Bates, Laci Cox, Ellis Eserman, Ethan Harmon, Cole Kimdle, Isabella King, Ryan Lensing, Landon Martinez, Macen Nelson, Alexia Sallee, Branden Skaggs, Cambreigh Smith, Hannah Turner, Damon Vaughn</p>
<p>Mrs. Pyles’s class: Caleb Andrews, Brielle Burnett, Maleah Cole, Emma Rodebush, Zach Williams, Brooklyn Ahumada, Daileigh Hunt, Jackson Kulas, Morgan Burns, Dawson Shamblin, Hanna Calloway, Dani Spinas, Lexi Cheesman, Tyler Willis, Anna Fitch, and Kristina Hancock.</p>

Pictured by class are the first grade students of Westwood that earned awards for Accelerated Reading. To earn a trophy and t-shirt, each student had to read at least 150 books or earn 75 points. To win a t-shirt each student had to read 100 books or earn 50 points.

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