Westwood shows it’s leadership

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<p>PHOTO BY MADIE BATEMAN AND EMALIE MILLER</p><p>Parker Gill sharing his leadership notebook.</p>
<p>PHOTO BY MADIE BATEMAN AND EMALIE MILLER</p><p>McKenzie Lynch, Ivan Morales, Alexis Dedmond and Branson Carver demonstrate leadership routines.</p>
<p>PHOTO BY MADIE BATEMAN AND EMALIE MILLER</p><p>Westwood students presenting their club.</p>
<p>PHOTO BY MADIE BATEMAN AND EMALIE MILLER</p><p>Hayden Leonard, Caylee Ciesla and Paige Curry presenting their club.</p>
<p>PHOTO BY MADIE BATEMAN AND EMALIE MILLER</p><p>A group of all ages performed for the attendees.</p>
<p>PHOTO BY MADIE BATEMAN AND EMALIE MILLER</p><p>Tayshaun Leader was one of the emcees.</p>
<p>PHOTO BY MADIE BATEMAN AND EMALIE MILLER</p><p>Madie Bateman leads a group on a tour of the school.</p>

On May 20, Westwood Elementary showed their leadership with a Leadership Day. Leadership is about being a good follower, a good listener, having a vision and a direction. Leadership is about service to others.

Visitors from all over the area came to see Westwood’s leaders. Different activities were displayed for the visitors to experience. The children sang the 7 Habits song and guided the guests around their school.

Leadership Day is one of the most important days at Westwood. It is a chance for students to shine and show what they have learned during the year about the 7 Habits and leadership.

“Our principal does so much for us that we should be thanking her instead of her thanking us,” Madie Bateman said. “Westwood isn’t just a school, it’s a family,” Emalie Miller added.

Madie Bateman and Emalie Miller are student reporters at Westwood Elementary. With the help of Meryl Ware, they are forming a journalism program at Westwood and hope to publish a school newsletter next year. Comments and ideas can be sent to Meryl.Ware@greenwoodk12.com.

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