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House launched “Meet the Rep” video biography series

Transparency has an enormous impact in our day to day lives. You may be learning more about your friends and family than ever before through social media. But the Arkansas House of Representatives is taking advantage of new technology and social media in order that you may learn more about your government, your district, and ultimately how your money is being spent.

This recent session we had over 77,000 views to our live streaming proceedings on our website. That does not include the number of citizens who were able to watch on their local cable channel or AETN. While we are excited to see Arkansans taking advantage of our streaming capabilities, we would like to see even more engagement. That is why we are investing in upgrades which will allow you to view our proceedings through your mobile devices next year. Our goal is to have this technology up and running before the Fiscal Session begins on February 10, 2014.

Not only does our technology enable you to view the proceedings live during session, but our archives allow you to view testimony and votes from previous sessions. Now may be the perfect time to visit the site and review the archives. All of the laws passed by the 89th General Assembly that did not include an emergency clause or a specific date written into the bill became effective August 16th. If you want to review testimony concerning a bill that was presented in the previous session, simply go to our website and click on the video library. In the search tool write in the bill number you wish to view. This feature will bring up a list of every time that bill was either introduced or debated in House committees or on the House floor. Don’t know the bill number? No problem. On our site we have also posted a complete summary of the bills passed. You can simply scroll to the category (i.e. education, transportation) and find a complete list of bills with corresponding numbers.

The 87th General Assembly approved the measure enabling the House us to stream and archive proceedings for educational purposes. Language in the bill prohibits House video from being used for commercial or political purposes.

The House also began a new feature this year to allow you to get to know your representative on a more personal level. We launched our “Meet the Rep” video biography series shortly after session adjourned. We are launching the videos once a week. There are several posted to our website now in the main section. We encourage Arkansans and especially our students who are learning about public service to take advantage of our video technology. You can also keep up with updates from the House at and on Twitter @Arkansashouse.