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Letter to the Editor: Signature quilt found from the 1930’s

Dear Editor,

Recently I found a signature quilt top at a thrift store in

McAlester, Okla. After researching the names, I found most listed in the 1930’s voter registration of Sebastian County, Ark. They lived around Excelsior, Ark. If any of the descendants or local organizations would like this top, I’d be happy to let them have it. The names listed are:

Hazel McIntire, Prudie Colley, Mrs. JS Adams, Kitty Conaway, Edith Ezell, Kittie Hocott, Wyatt Williams, Bruce Hocott, Mintie Skinner, Mrs. Connie Richman, Granoma S., Mrs. Grace Britton – Excelsior, Grandma Milon – Excelsior, Ida E. Tyler, Lucy Branch, Miss Georgia Condren – Excelsior, Mrs. Clint Milon, Mrs. Nowasa Whitiker – Mar 1930, Lucy King and Mrs. Florence.

A signature quilt is where they signed their names and someone embroidered them on.

Lisa Lee