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Letter to the Editor

A lot of people in town have asked me who I was voting for in the May 20th Mayor’s race and why. My reasons are personal and my decision was not an impulsive one. I compared the candidates and decided the right choice is Alex Selkirk. I spent 16 hours discussing issues with Mr. Selkirk, I wanted to know his plans for Greenwood. As he talked about his plans I realized they were never self-centered, self-promoting or self-enhancing. Rather, all of his plans for Greenwood centered on what is best for this town and his proposals to see Greenwood prosper in such hard times.

His 5, 10 and 20 year plans impressed me. Selkirk has proven his financial abilities through completing his higher education and then applying what he learned in college. This has resulted in him owning and running two very successful businesses. It has always been my position that actions speak louder than words.

To answer a lot of people’s questions, yes, I was on the executive board that called a special meeting to dismiss Mr. Kinslow as Executive Director at the Boys and Girls Club. I also attend church where Doug was employed prior to going to work for the city. That is all I have to say about either subject. His ties to Ken Edwards simply make me nervous. These are “my” reasons for choosing not to vote for Mr. Kinslow.

Our right to vote in elections in this country is one of the most precious assets we have. Do not waste that asset, do your homework before you cast your vote for either candidate. Talk to each candidate and decide on your own as to who you will cast your vote for. Make sure you are confident with your choice before you cast it.

Jim Newcomb