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MARY’S MEANDERINGS: Nov. 13 — To An Old Friend’s House

<p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Mary Ann Gamble, Laura Mae Edwards, Betty Opitz and Agnes Phillips at Mary Ann’s house on December 4, 2001.</p>


Mary Ann Gamble, Laura Mae Edwards, Betty Opitz and Agnes Phillips at Mary Ann’s house on December 4, 2001.

Friendship doubles my joy!

Friends gathered at my house for a day of fun, food and fellowship.

As I remember, it was a beautiful day…back in 2001.

There’s me, Betty Opitz, Laura Edwards and Agnes Phillips, along with other friends who were present that day…Laura Demeter, Glenda Wallace, Ginny Ross, Jennifer LaRue, Linda Payne, Marjorie Smith, Lucy Hall, Betty Lytle, Retha Cochran, Alice Powell, JoAnn Owens, Nonie Dalton, Martha Styles and Olive Lytle.

Again…as I remember, not one of these friends was in a hurry to leave. I was glad, so I passed out paper and pens and asked them to write their definition of F R I E N D.

Original quotes from my friends:

  • A friend is: Someone to help when you are in need. If you had no friends, it would be a lonely world. — Laura Demeter
  • A friend listens and cares, doesn’t try to solve all the problems, but truly wishes for a better day. — Glenda Wallace
  • A friend is someone that is there in times when you need someone special, someone that gives of himself without expecting something in return. True friendship comes from the heart and it’s filled with love for others. — Ginny Ross
  • A friend (Mother) Mother does just because, Out of caring, out of love. She’s never distant, always near, My mother is my friend so dear. — Jennifer LaRue
  • Good friends are like family. Without friends, life would not be very happy. — Agnes Phillips
  • A friend loves you always. — Betty Opitz
  • A friend; The Bible says a friend loveth at all times. When I think about wat a friend means, I think this quote says it all. A friend is someone who accepts and loves you just like you are. — Linda Payne
  • A friend is someone you call in time of trouble, or just to talk to about happy times. Someone you can confied in. Everyone needs that special friend. — Marjorie Smith
  • To have a friend is to be one. — Laura Edwards
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed. — Betty Lytle
  • I looked a long time, a person I could find that would like me for the person I’d like to be. To be a true friend and help someone on the mend. There’s so many people so ill and still have lots of love to give have Jesus in their hearts and believe in God. — Lucy Hall
  • Old friends are the best antiques. — Retha Cochran
  • All I can say is “I love you my friend.” — Alice Powell
  • A friend: It’s nice to have a close friend, but I think my sisters are my best friends. — JoAnn Owens
  • Though I’m poorer than Job’s turkey, I’m really rich. Silver and gold have I none, but I have friends and that makes me rich. Jesus is my best friend. — Nonie Dalton
  • Friends are blessings and I thank God for all of mine. — Mary Gamble
  • A friend loveth at all times. (Bible scripture) — Martha Styles
  • Thank you for being my friend and I’m never going to let you go. A friend is always there for you through all your days. — Olive Lytle

What pleasant thoughts looking at the photograph and reading the words of my friends that I’m so glad I kept, compiled and filed, along with the words of a poem by Adam Reiter, titled: “To An Old Friend’s House:”

Old faces beam with wrinkled smiles,

And the long years brightly bend

In a wealth of treasured memories

At the home of an old, old friend.

One might say I hold onto things too long. Sometimes I do have difficulty opening boxes of “jammed full” and crowded masses of this and that and drawers filled with scatered files of paper stuff that one might deem no longer useful, but that’s not my way of thinking. These words of my friends will always be my treasured memories.

Seems this poet’s way of thinking is just like mine.