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MARY’S MEANDERINGS: Nov. 6 — Get Ready for Foliage!

When temperatures cool off and the days grow shorter is when the colors…the yellows, oranges and browns come out to play and a new color, red, appears.

A warm and sunny autumn mixes them all together for a show of beautiful foliage from now into November.

This time of year is show time for the sugar maple that’s planted in my front yard. It’s myriad of colors offers fall foliage like no other trees, as summer fades into fall.

The brilliant hues of an autumn sunset focused in it’s leaves makes up for the drudgery of “sweeping” off the driveway every day or two, it’s favorite place for shedding it’s leaves.

It’s a show of color I patiently wait for and look forward to every year at this time.

Today…IN MY IMAGINATION…this time of year puts me in the mood to ramble down the road, with Mama and my sister and walk leisurely down the worn path, not far from the house, to gather natural materials dried by Mother Nature.

There’s such a sense of quietness when summer starts to wind down and shadows lengthen…a time of year that stirs up memories of hurriedly finishing our homework and accompany Mama on a jaunt to gather wild flowers and weeds for a fall bouquet.

It was a simple, but satisfying thing for us to do.

Always after supper. Mama said that was the prettiest time of day. Sometime we would gather pods, cones and branches, any thing with a bit of color. Mama would shake our gatherings outside to rid them of excess seeds and shedding leaves as soon as we returned from our walk on an evening that was still and golden, when the lingering bursts of autumn colors could be seen all around and the subtle change in the air could be felt.

I visualize Mama’s pretty fall bouquet in an old crock, or in a blue Mason half gallon fruit jar perhaps…or a granite milk pitcher, while savoring it all…this winding down of summer, preparing me for a show of striking colors and another calm and colorful fall.