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MARY’S MEANDERINGS: September 11 — Daddy knew what he wanted

Daddy spotted it at Reeves Department store in Hackett. Being a coffee hound, he must have been drawn by it’s sleek, aluminum look and efficient brewing system guaranteed to produce a good cup of “Java” as he sometimes called it, and after cashing a flicker, he bought it.

Mama never seemed to have two of anything, and our original old coffee-pot was in pretty good shape, except for the tiny glass knob that was missing which didn’t make one bit of difference to Mama. Mama was use to broken things, unfixed things, and doing without, perhaps daddy figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a “back-up” coffee-pot, and there must have been something extra-special about it that took his eye.

I remember Daddy bragging to Mama about how good his morning “Java” tasted brewed in the new coffee-pot. Mama agreed, but then Mama agreed with just about anything Daddy said. That’s the way she was. Perhaps she liked the new coffee-pot just as well as he did… but I always wished for Mama a pretty, china “Jewel Tea” coffee-pot, in the Autumn Leaf pattern, made in Cleveland, Ohio by the Hall China Company, but that could never be.

Daddy preferred Polar Bear (vacuum packed) coffee, and no other brand, was allowed to be brewed in our house. Daddy refused to substitute any other brand.

I’ve often thought about It…had Daddy not been so dead-set on Polar Bear dead-set on Polar Bear Coffee..had he “allowed” Mama to buy “jewel Tea” products and received as a bonus, a pretty china coffee-pot, and had it stood the test of it would probably be displayed In my house somewhere. This is only wishful thinking, but today that “Jewel Tea” coffee-pot in the Autumn Leaf pattern is valued at $225.00 or more.

Oh well, I didn’t inherit a “Jewel Tea” coffee-pot, but on my old cookstove proudly sets the sleek, aluminum coffee-pot, and beside it is a one pound Polar Bear coffee tin and a two-pound Polar Bear coffee tin…all bright and colorful, and there’s something about this display that really “takes my eye!”