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MARY’S MEANDERINGS: This Thanksgiving. November 27th

Sometimes, it seems we’ve lost the knack of truly appreciating what we have. Let’s take time, and on this Thanksgiving Day when we sit down at the dinner table, let us pause and before we pass around the turkey and dressing, let’s slowly pass around THANKS.

Ask each person to name something they are truly grateful for from the past year.

This will truly warm your heart just as sure as the mashed potatoes and gravy will warm your stomach… and let me share some words taken from an old greeting card that will surely give you comfort and something to think about as you prepare for a joyful Thanksgiving Day, and the holidays ahead.

On Monday… Look for a pleasant smile today and return it with one of your own, give someone new hope and faith, it’s such a beautiful loan.

On Tuesday… Gather a thought that’s sweet and kind, one that’s sincere and deep, making sure you pass it along, it’s just too precious to keep.

On Wednesday… Forget the sorrows, sadness and pain, forgive the mistakes that were made, lift up your heart with hope and a song, as flowers to the sun and rain.

On Thursday… Offer a word of comfort and prayer, to help someone in need, a thoughtful gift, some flowers or a smile, will make us feel rich indeed.

On Friday… You shall not pass this way again, so do any good you can, don’t put it off ‘till tomorrow, the chance might not come again.

On Saturday… Today will soon be a memory, so don’t let it come to an end, without a smile, without a song, or just a word with a friend.

On Sunday… Don’t let worries depress you, or brush the day’s joys away, just rise and give thanks to God above, for His love and another BLEST day.