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MARY’S MEANDERINGS: Dec. 25 — A True Christmas Story

My brothers were designated by Mama to find, cut and drag home the prettiest cedar tree they could find, and they did, every year until my sister and I became older and thought we could do better.

Mama gave her consent with instructions: “Don’t you girls venture of too far.”

Cedar trees were not plentiful in the early 40’s like now.

Tired, but with determination, we continued to walk not realizing how far we were from home, but walking back, and taking turns dragging that cedar tree and discussing our conversation with Mr. Johnson, we agreed…we ventured too far, but we always remembered it as being the prettiest tree we’d ever laid eyes on.

The Prettiest Christmas Tree

by Mary Ann Gamble

The sun beamed bright on the fallen leaves that had tumbled to the ground,

We’d walked two miles and searched for hours and not a tree that suited was found.

So we crossed the fence, down by the creek…yes, we saw the POSTED sign,

But the prettiest trees were on that side, dark cedars and tall green pines.

These trees were on Frank Johnson’s land, we hurried it didn’t take us long,

We cut one down, threw it over the fence, and we’d planned to “get for home.”

We didn’t think that we’d get caught, our confidence was strong,

But, out of the blue, Mr. Johnson appeared…we knew that we’d done wrong.

“Can you’ll not read?” he barked at us, with a frown upon his face.

“Yes sir,” Nez said. “But, we didn’t know that this was the Johnson Place.

We knew alright that we had done. We tried to act real coy,

After all, we thought…it’s Christmas time…a time to share with joy.

Mr. Johnson didn’t feel the same, he seemed to be quite mad,

But he let us keep our cedar tree, for this, we felt real glad!

We took our tree and headed for home, with a “Thank You” we knew to say.

With a never-prettier Christmas tree than the one we cut that day.

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