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MARY’S MEANDERINGS: Nov. 20 — Weather Sayings

I’ve always found the Ladies Birthday Almanac good reading, and was disappointed when I called Prince Drug on Towson Avenue requesting the “free” 2013 edition, along with the calendar advertising Cardui be added to my ordered prescription refill.

For years Prince Drug issued both to their customers.

“There will be no more Ladies Birthday Almanacs or Cardui Calendars printed,” said the clerk. “They have gone out of business. The 2012 was the last of both printed,” she told me.

I could hardly believe it. Both had been published since 1890.

I know there are other almanacs and calendars, but there has always been something special about both. I grew up seeing Mama seriously reading the Ladies Birthday Almanac at gardening time, making sure she planted in the right sign quoted in the almanac; otherwise there would be no harvest…only vines.

My daddy would hang a Cardui calendar on the kitchen wall to mark the hours he worked in the coal mines. Also the birthing dates of the hogs he raised.

I’m glad I held onto back issues of both the Ladies Birthday Almanac and the Cardui calendars.

The final (2012) edition of the Cardui calendar still hangs on my kitchen wall, making it a bit confusing for other members of my family, but not for me. I know it’s just hanging there for “looks.” I always refer to the perpetual calendar I keep on the kitchen table, making sure I change it every day, just in case some member of my family might ask…”What day of the month is it?” or “Is today Tuesday or Wednesday?” I can tell them.

I don’t plant a garden, but I’ll keep referring back to the back issues of the Ladies Birthday Almanacs that I’ve held onto, hoping someone else might enjoy reading the sayings I copy from them from time to time, as much as I do.

Weather sayings from the Ladies Birthday Almanac:

  1. When ditch and pond offend the nose, go straight home and windows close.
  2. When chickweed blossoms open wide and free, then rain can’t come before hour three.
  3. The farther the sight, the nearer the rain.
  4. Sound traveling far and wide, a stormy day will decide.
  5. Curls that kink, straight hair links, look for rain in a blink.
  6. If ants build high, look for rain in the sky.
  7. A fly on your nose, you swat and it goes. If it comes back again, it will bring a good rain.
  8. When snails on the road you see, rain tomorrow it will be.
  9. Spiders do their webs expand when rainy weather is at hand.
  10. Sunshine shower won’t last half an hour.
  11. Point a finger, there lightning will linger.
  12. When cocks crow and take a drink, thunder and lightning are on the brink.