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Mayor’s Corner: Be Careful of Contractors

Greetings dear citizens of Greenwood,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

The proposed plans for the new Police Department is now in full swing – thanks to the terrific and proactive thinking of the people of Greenwood. The plans for the new Police Department facility are well on their way. This new facility will last the Police Department for the next twenty five years, or more. 78% of the people who voted placed a yes vote for the new facility. With the people’s approval, we will now modernize our police facilities to further protect lives and property in Greenwood, thank you dear people.

If you will remember a semi-truck went through Greenwood several weeks ago and spilled chicken blood and parts all over 10-spur, or as we know it, “Center Street”. I am happy to report that we contacted the owner of the trucking service. They have agreed to reimburse the city for 100% of the cost of cleaning up their mess. I am happy to see the trucking company take responsibility for the problem they created.

We had some terrible weather in the first part of December. I was humbled and proud to see so many Greenwood residents and city employees helping each other through this tough ice and snow storm. The electricity has been restored to just about the entire city. Electric crews assured me that they are working as hard as possible to restore the city back to normal. These guys are working hard in the elements for yours and my benefit; make sure to give them a big thank you when you see them.

If your property sustained any kind of damage or downed trees, please be careful of those claiming to be contractors. Make sure you get full written estimates of the cost of a clean-up job before you allow someone on your property to do any work. Do not allow new charges you did not agree to be added on to the bill once the work begins. Do not pay for the work until it has been completed to your satisfaction. Regretfully, scam artists are out there, be careful who you award work to.

Concerning the way Greenwood votes for Councilmen; It was reported in one of the local periodicals that, “Currently, one councilman in each ward is elected by the voters of that ward and one is elected by the voters of the entire city (at large). This is not true at all. Councilmen in Greenwood are elected as “At Large” councilmen, meaning the entire city votes on them, no matter what ward they represent or position they run for. I think this should only be changed with a vote of the people.

Big things are happening in Greenwood. I have some grants to tell you about in the near future, but until then I thank you for your time and am wishing you a Merry Christmas!