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MAYOR’S CORNER: FAll is city budget time

Good day to the fine Citizens of Greenwood,

Fall weather is upon us and the leaves are starting to change on our trees around town. The Halloween costumes are out in the stores with the sale of pumpkins and the like just around the corner. Fall is also the time to crank up the city budget season at city hall for the year 2014. Many things will be discussed and mulled around in elected officials minds. I hope this year the councilmen are ready to get serious about my concerns that we are on the verge of a failing infrastructure system and need to address this concern before it becomes too late and very costly.

After meeting with Senator Files we learned that the city could be eligible for up to $50,000 that was available for cities. The councilmen at the meeting ask that the money be spent on park projects. I don’t think that makes good financial sense. When are we going to address the issues of our failing infrastructure system which is deteriorating on a daily basis?

Our City Clerk, Sharla Derry, has put the council meeting packets on the city’s website. This is to ensure all citizens will have the same documents and material to review that their councilmen are looking at prior to any vote. This is the first time in the history of Greenwood Government that a citizen can view the same material that their councilman has before them. This is another positive step towards making this city administration as transparent as possible.

I am so glad that Lance and Tim Terry, along with A.C. Brown questioned the sanitation contract with Altes Sanitation in the September 2013 meeting. As councilmen, (LEGISLATORS), for the city it was their job to question whether a contractor was following a contract they had with the city. As the chief administrator, (mayor), of the city it is my job to determine if the contract was being followed or not. In this case it was being followed to the letter of the law. It was good to have full cooperation from the council on this issue and to determine, yes, we have an honest contractor working for the city. I encourage councilmen to question the validity of any contractor’s contract with the city that they might have issue with. This administration strives for full transparency with this city government.

Remember, the Mayor’s office is open at 8:00 am, Monday through Friday, for those who want to continue to pray for our city.

Mayor Del Gabbard