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MAYOR’S CORNER: Greenwood moves into the 21st Century

Greetings to the good people of Greenwood,

The proposed plans for the new Police Department, (that we needed ten years ago), are terrific! The plans are for a new Police Department facility where the old post office was by CV’s. This new facility will last the Police Department for the next twenty five years, or more. The passage of the ¼% sales tax to build the new Police Department is vital to the continued growth of this great city. As I stated before, I am 100% behind this tax to pay for the new police building. We benefit from a lot of good things in this city, but the excellent protection of our people and personal property is one of our greatest assets.

For years people have said that the old post office was the perfect place for the police department to be. Well fine citizens of Greenwood, let’s get out and make those thoughts and comments come true and get out there to support the ¼% sales tax for a new police department, for our continued safety and quality of life.

We are moving Greenwood into the 21st century. Currently the city has a disaster plan in place, as it stands now the city does not have a disaster recovery plan as it relates to our digital needs for us to be fully functional. The obvious solution is to have full off-site replicas of all of our servers and personnel managing them. This is only feasible for those that have the very deep pockets (i.e. Google, Yahoo, and Amazon).

The city is in the process of looking into a plan that will get our basic operations off the ground and functioning within 48-72 hours of a major disaster. A couple of things we are looking into at the moment are a bare metal recovery solution and a hosted off-site Microsoft Exchange server. With a bare metal backup for our most crucial programs, our documents would be ready to be re-deployed in short order.

Not only will the city save money on moving to a hosted Microsoft Exchange server by cutting costs on hardware and licensing (just to name a few costs) , but be guaranteed the server will be available 99.99% of the time, even during the event of a major disaster.

By going with a hosted Microsoft Exchange server the city stands to save just over $10,000 over the course of three years while increasing our fault tolerance. Thanks to our great staff we are able to save the city money, while protecting our most valued documents.

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, November 9th. Our newest restaurant in town, Henley’s Place, is jumped on board to help out the Betty Wilkinson Senior Activity Center all day, Saturday the 9th. Seems they are having a “Biscuits and Gravy fundraiser”. You can order two biscuits and gravy for $3.00 or two biscuits and gravy with bacon or sausage for $5.00. Now get this, it will go on from 7 am to 8 pm, an all-day affair. The best thing of all is 50% of all the proceeds go to the Senior Center. So let’s go out and help our seniors, the people that built the great foundation for this town.

Have you seen the new Hummer the Police Department is driving around town? Would you believe they bought the vehicle for $250.00? All, yes I said all, of the equipment, the paint job, decals, electronics, computers, and video games were all donated to the city. Chief Dawson really knows how to find the funds and donations when his department needs something. The school kids love it. That was Chief Dawson’s goal for this project. He wanted to attract the youth and let them know the police were their friend, someone they could trust and depend on, and it is working. Now that is thinking outside the box!

Feel free to come by City Hall at 8 am each weekday morning and join us in prayer for our great city, all are welcome!

Del Gabbard