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MAYOR’S CORNER: Greenwood recognized with another prestigious award

Greetings to the good people of Greenwood,

I want to thank our fine City Attorney, Mike Hamby for advising me that the administration was able to help out the Senior Citizen Center on their latest problem. Seems after the last rounds of rain the roof has sprung leaks in some new places and water is leaking through the ceiling in the dining hall of the center. I advised the senior citizens center that if any other issues come up they need to contact me.

Once again, I am excited that the hard work of this administration and my directors has paid off once again. NerdWallet, the consumer-friendly financial literacy group based out of California has recognized Greenwood as one of the top ten best cities in Arkansas for young families to live in. NerdWallet ranked Greenwood second after assessing the town’s cost of living, education system, and economic growth. That is the second time in 2013 that Greenwood has received such a prestigious award.

We are still waiting and excited to get this year’s audit report back from the Legislative Audit Division. This will be Ann’s first audit that she is 100% responsible for. With the awards we have received this year recognizing our hard work, one can only imagine how positive the audit will be.

Sharla Derry, our City Clerk, has successfully uploaded the A&P Commission Calendar, A&P Grant Application and the A&P Tax Form for Businesses to our website. So, people no longer have to contact the City Clerk to get these documents if they have internet access and a printer! The link to where they now reside is: If that link does not work it can be found the following way:>>Documents>>a&p commission minutes>>A&P Grant App, Form & Instructions. This 1% A&P tax on food benefits a wide variety of community groups. Groups such as the Sebastian County Fair, Greenwood Rodeo, Freedom Fest, Fall Fest, Trail of Lights, Disc Golf groups, Vache Grasse Country Club, the Greenwood Auto Show and the Chamber of Commerce 5K runs and concerts are just some of the groups that have benefited from the tax over the course of 2013. The City Clerk’s office strives to make documents easily available to the public and this online access is just another way to do that.

The passage of the ¼% sales tax to build a new Police Department is vital to the continued growth of this great city. Your Mayor is 100% behind this tax. It is needed to allow our Police Department to expand with the growth of the city. For years people have said that the old post office was the perfect place for the police department to be. I am asking Greenwood’s Citizens to please get out and support the ¼% sales tax for a new police department.

Feel free to come by City Hall at 8 am each weekday morning and join us in prayer for our great city, all are welcome!