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Mayor’s Corner: Greenwood scores high among Arkansas cities

Greetings to the good people of Greenwood,

I am so excited that the hard work of my directors has paid off in a big way. The report issued by the center for Municipal Analysis Services was just fantastic. I was so surprised when I had found out that Greenwood had scored the third highest score in its class. The score we received puts us in the top 10 percent of the 6,314 cities studied for efficiency and effectiveness. Fort Smith scored a 58, five points lower than us. This study is based on an administrations ability to diversify revenues, high productivity from our employees, how well the administration controls departmental expenses, wise usage of state and federal funds, and controlling our debt. This administration has hired the most trustworthy and ethical employees we can find. Ann Eglinsdoefer was a tremendous find; she was right under my nose in the Water Office. Once we matched her responsibilities with her education and skills she simply blossomed.

I am very excited with anticipation to get this year’s audit report back from the Legislative Audit Division. This will be Ann’s first audit that she has handled the books on for the entire year. With the award we received from the Municipal Analysis Services for her outstanding work, one can only imagine how positive it will be.

I was very upset at the council’s decision to double the amount of money that can be spent by any department in the city before a project must be bided out. For years the amount was $10,000, now the majority of the council has chosen not to get involved with a project unless its cost is over $20,000. I must say that Jimmy Gossett and Craig Hamilton voted against the motion. But what about the fact that this now doubles the amount of tax money spent on any project or item before the issue will be reviewed by the council? The council is supposed to watch over the proper spending of the taxpayer’s money.

According to the City Attorney, it is not illegal for firemen that are elected to the council to vote on issues that will benefit them as firemen. Whether it is ethical or not seems to be another issue. The digital sign and generator voted on by the council will only benefit the fire department which costs amount to $66,000. Yet there are other places that money will benefit all of Greenwood. It concerns me when we do not spend our money wisely.

Well, the Mayor of Alma got back with me on my challenge for the losing mayor after our ballgame next Friday night to push the mayor of the winning team down the football field in a wheel barrow. That challenge was met with a “No”. Seems the Alma Mayor just had a gall bladder operation a few weeks ago. So I modified my challenge. The losing mayor, (Alma or Greenwood), gets a cream pie in the face. That challenge was also met with a “No”. Seems the mayor has to avoid all strenuous activity at this time.

Seems Councilman Tim and Lance Terry have vowed to tear into the trash contract with Altes Sanitation with a vengeance. Seems they feel that Altes is not meeting their part of the contract by maintaining an office in Greenwood City Limits. The comment was made that they had not seen any activity at the Altes office early in the morning when they went by. I felt we needed to get to the bottom of this issue since it affects every household in Greenwood. I personally contacted Altes’s main office and was assured that they had an employee at that office from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. I requested copies of the time cards of that employee and Altes agreed to send copies of them to my office. I will let you know what they say.

The next time you see a city employee or city director, give them a pat on the back for the fine job they are doing. Positive encouragement goes a long ways.

Del Gabbard