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MAYOR’S CORNER: Limb clean-up is going well (Jan. 15)

Blessings to all the Great people of Greenwood,

The limb clean-up is going very well. You have probably seen the street department burning off all of the debris east of city hall. There is a lot more to do on the project. The new temporary workers worked all night long to monitor the burn piles.
FEMA gave the city a 120 day time line to get everything cleaned up. There was so much damage in Greenwood. In fact Greenwood had more damage than any other city in Sebastian County. To compensate for all the remains of that damage we have secured work crews to continue the clean-up past the 120 day allotment, if they are needed. They will come from the workforce named, “WELA”. We provide them the work; they will provide the workers, pay the workers, provide worker insurance and pay us for the use of our equipment. They would be supervised by Joe Mannes the director of the street department.
There is some question as to who is able to use the dump site for limb removal. Greenwood residents are allowed to bring trees and limbs to the site. The individual who bring limbs and trees to the site must unload the piles by hand. I want to stress that this site has only been approved for downed limbs and trees. Any commercial contractor removing debris in the city is not allowed to use this site. This is a taxpayer funded operation and no commercial operation will be allowed to use it for their personal gain - that is illegal.
Please remember the city of Greenwood will host the Arkansas Economic Development Commission meeting in February of 2014. This is a huge honor for the city of Greenwood. After the meeting, the commissioners will be given a tour of our great city and we will show them all of the opportunities, facilities and buildings in town that would be great locations for a company’s economic and industrial expansion into Greenwood. Our hopes are to entice businesses looking for a place to call home to consider Greenwood as that place to locate their business.
Well, the Greenwood City Council voted to appoint a replacement for Councilman Craig Hamilton who was transferred to another state by his employer. The appointed councilman will fill in the next 3 years of the term. The law states they can do this, but it also states that a municipality can tighten a law to suit its city’s needs. Pleas were made for the council to appoint a temporary replacement and hold an election for the position in the May primaries or the November General Elections. The people requested to make the choice on who they wanted to represent them. The council instead appointed Rod Powell to fill that term, a former councilman defeated in the last election and a Greenwood City fireman.
Please come by and join us as we pray for this great city. We meet every morning, Monday through Friday at 8:00 in the mayor’s office.