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Mayor’s Corner

Greetings to all of Greenwood! What a beautiful spring we are having, flowers and trees are blooming everywhere. People are putting gardens in all across town. I hope the abundant spring rains will benefit those gardens so those who planted them can enjoy the fruits of their labor.
At our May council meeting we discussed the hire of my new Administrative Assistant, Brooke Holland, who has a College Degree in Human Resources. She has taken the place of Sandra Traylor, who served me very well. Mrs. Holland will start out her new position at $2.50 an hour less than the salary of the previous assistant to the Mayor. When considering the City’s portion of tax burdens on that salary, Greenwood will save $6,500 per year. The Administration is doing its part in trying to cut cost of operation for the City of Greenwood.
Councilmen Lance Terry and A.C. Brown questioned this hiring stating they insisted to be informed of all intended hiring’s prior to them happening. City Attorney, Mike Hamby responded that the Council set a Budget at the first of the year for the Administration’s operating expenses, they allocated the money for those expenses and as long as the Mayor did not go over those allotted and approved expenses, the Mayor did nothing wrong. A.C. Brown brought the issue up again after all other issues on the agenda were completed, but the rest of the Council voted to adjourn the meeting, in a sense saying, “Enough is Enough”.
On another note; at the first of this year I invited every City Councilman to come by my office and visit with me about their concerns and visions for Greenwood. Four Councilmen came by my office to visit about Future City Business. The two Councilmen that did not come by were Lance Terry and A.C. Brown. At the beginning of the year I offered my cooperation to the Councilmen. Two chose not to accept that effort of cooperation. Lance Terry and A.C. Brown don’t have to be “buddies” with me on a personal level, but we are on the same Professional level. All three of us were elected to do the people’s business in Greenwood. To heal whatever concerns or issues Lance and A.C. have with me I once again offer the Olive Branch of Peace to them and ask that they come by my office so we can work things out for the benefit of Greenwood.

May all Elected Officials, (Including Myself), commit to keeping the City Council Meetings on a professional level and avoid all of the personal attacks on other Elected Officials.