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Mr. Outdoors: Sept. 4 — JRO on the road

Jim Reynolds Outdoors on the road is like Air Force One, sort of. It is whatever Mr. Outdoors drives during his many excursions into the outdoors of course. It can be the enclosed trailer hauling a four wheeler, decoys, and all the equipment necessary for a successful day in the great outdoors. The golf cart is included because after all that’s enjoying the outdoors also. JRO on the Road began with the twenty-six foot camper for the whole family to get involved in this outdoor adventure.

It all started with a radio show six years ago. I was coaching at Mansfield at the time and had just stepped down as junior girls’ basketball coach and had some time on my hand. My only stint in radio was as color commentator during the state championship game between Shiloh Christian and Hector in the late nineties when I was coaching football at Hackett. I had always wanted to do an outdoor radio show because of my extensive background with outdoor issues. In 2005 I started lobbying in Washington, D.C. on outdoor related issues for a couple of companies interviewing politicians about their stories related to the outdoors. It was fun and interesting. It was great to be able to bring these experiences to my environmental science classroom.

People ask me all the time if my show is a hunting and fishing show. The answer is yes and no. The show is much more than just hunting and fishing. It’s about everything outdoors. I enjoy plants, outdoor tips and trivia, helping kids learn about the outdoors, remembering stories from my youth, talking with people about their interest in the outdoors, road trips are always exciting. One interesting story was when I sold my cabin on Blue Mountain Lake in which I had owned for sixteen years. A lot of sweat equity went into that piece of property by my family, as well as, many friends. My wife and I were very attached to it. There were two retired couples that bought it and they thought we were going to back out of selling it. You see Mr. Outdoors had visions of raising our daughter up learning about the outdoors just like I had done since I was fourteen on Blue Mountain Lake. As a matter of fact, my wife’s water broke two months early on the way back from Blue Mountain Lake on the Fourth of July, so we could watch the fireworks in Greenwood. Well, we watched the fireworks alright all the way to Little Rock on I-40. So it was destiny that my daughter was going to learn about the outdoors. The two couples were tired of pulling their campers and gave me the choice of either one as part of the deal for selling the cabin and two and a half acres that went with it. That was the start of JRO on the Road. My daughter stepped into the camper and said, “That’s my bunk bed Daddy!” I replied, “It sure is baby.”

Mr. Outdoors now travels and can record his show on the road with the first family of the outdoors, all self-proclaimed of course. I enjoy bringing you a local show about local events.

I enjoy public speaking and would love the opportunity to come and speak at your event. Go to my website