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REFLECTIONS: Aug 28 — Labor Day Memories

Monday will be Labor Day and I began to reflect back to years past when the laborer was not recognized. The people who helped to make this great country the great country that it is today, the people who gave their lives building the railroads across this vast land.

I think of my Daddy who helped build the old 71 highway across Back Bone Mountain using only mule drawn road equipment.

I think of our neighbors the Maestri brothers who labored at the back breaking job of digging coal in the darkness of the mines.

I think of the late Charlie Bell, one of the two mail carriers who braved the dust of summer and the sleet, rain and snow on a country road long before the days of air conditioned and heated cars.

I think of the small farmers who labored with love to try to raise enough to tide their families over through the winter and have enough left over to see to buy the things they could not raise.

I think of the family doctor on call 24 hours a day for his patients.

One who braved the elements of nature to minister to a family in need. I think of the Circuit Rider preacher who rode his horse all night in order to be present at a little church on Sunday morning.

I think of the school teacher who had to get up early to walk several miles to school to be there to build a fire before the students arrived.

One could go on and on and never give homage that they deserve to all the laborers both past and present that has made a better world for all of us.

Today Labor Day just means the end of summer, another day off from work, and time for the kids to get back into school.

So pause for a moment and remember why we celebrate this day. And give thanks for all who labor at whatever job it may be.