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REFLECTIONS: Don’t add water to my beans -January 29

I do not know why I am not a pet lover. I know I grew up having both cats and dogs for pets. It is not so much that I don’t love them it is the fact that I can’t stand the touch of the hair or fur. It almost drives me crazy. I know this sounds strange but it is something that happened in my life. Brook and her family have two of the cutest little dogs that seem to love me dearly. They run to meet me trying to jump up on me. When I sit down they try to get in my lap. I just take the shivers when they do. Why? I tell you this because last week Jane and J.M. lost their little Princess. A dog they had for almost 12 years. She was very much a part of that family. When I went over there she would run to meet me. Could I pet her? No. Every time I would brag about something one of my Greats would do Jane would tell me something her little Princess could do. Princess was her alarm clock. I know they miss her so much.

Strange things do happen like my not being able to stand to touch a cat or dog. The other night in the middle of the night there was a loud noise at Brook’s house. Greg got up to see what it was. He thought someone was trying to break in. While searching the house he discovered the shower door had exploded. There was glass everywhere and many sharp pieces. Greg thought at first there might have been a drive-by shooting but there was no sign of a bullet hole anywhere. I had never heard of such a thing happening and was telling sister Jane and she said she had heard on TV of it happening. She looked it up on the computer and found pictures of shower doors that had exploded and people had been injured. Strange? Yes, it makes me want to put up a shower curtain instead of a glass door.

One of the strangest things is the sweetgum trees in my back yard. One puts its leaves out long before the other. Its leaves turn and fall long before the other one. Last summer I was sitting on the patio looking at the trees wondering what use the burrs or balls, whichever you call them, were. When the first one started to shed its leaves the burrs had disappeared. There was just a few when in the summer it was loaded. Well! When tree number two started to shed its leaves there was double the amount on that tree. I have never seen as many before. Brook asked me why I did not have the trees cut down. I wonder, too. I guess it is because of the great shade they make in the summer. They are so tall they shade the whole back side of my house. The other day when the wind was blowing so hard it sounded like I was in a battle zone. The balls were hitting the roof of the house, the windows, and the sliding glass doors. My patio is almost a solid carpet of brown. I am so afraid of slipping on one of the burrs I am afraid to go outside. The neighbors behind me have never said anything about the burrs falling over the fence. If I should see them coming I just might hide. If I was the neighbor to two big sweetgum trees I might have to say something, then again I wouldn’t.

Another strange thing, then again it might not be so strange, is that I attended the annual bean supper at the Historical Society meeting. The beans were so good and I was so ashamed to keep going back for more that the next morning I got up and put on a BIG POT of pinto beans to cook. So last night I had all the beans I wanted. Of course when I cook beans I cook enough for all the family. Bob, Connie and two of the Greats were here to help me eat them. For years Friday was the day I cooked pinto beans. In fact I had a pot of beans cooking when the tornado blew our house away. My pot was found in the pasture behind the house as clean as if it had been scrubbed. For forty-four years Frank and I nearly got a divorce on Friday. I would cook the beans all day until the juice was good and thick. He would come in and add water to them. I would be so mad at him for doing that it became a joke in the family. Brother-in-law J.M. didn’t help any. I usually invited J.M. and Jane for supper on Fridays. After my tirade about Frank adding water J.M. would mention that the beans needed some water. Then it started all over again. NOW YOU KNOW….DON’T EVER ADD WATER TO MY BEANS!