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REFLECTIONS: Jan 1 — Reflecting on what makes Greenwood good

I know when you read this Christmas will have passed. I had already sent my column in for Christmas hence this is being used after Christmas written December 17th. I am now ready for Christmas. Last night I attended the South Sebastian Historical Society Christmas Dinner. This is my favorite gathering of the Holiday Season. There is not an eating place around that serves better that this group of wonderful cooks. I don’t know how she does it but Sue Lewis can take a ham and bake it and to me it is the BEST. I can take the same brand of ham and bake it the same way and it doesn’t taste like the one Sue cooks. I can tell there are excellent cooks in that organization. I have never seen an organization that always goes all out in everything they do. When I see what they have done, all the hard work, the knowledge of how things should be done, my heart swells with pride. I am ashamed to admit it but it certainly has been done without my help.

The Old Jail Museum was a dream of two older senior citizens…the late Mary Dunn and my Mother. I am so sorry Mama had to miss the meeting when the Charter was signed therefore her name is not among the founding members. What this organization has accomplished is almost unbelievable. I just hope the citizens of Greenwood know what a prize they have in the Historical District and will spread the word so that when the season comes again when it will be open people will come from far and wide to what is offered. So many citizens of Greenwood have no idea what a small group of people have accomplished. It is something Greenwood can be proud of. The Historical Society is always looking for new members. I can assure you if you choose to join you will find that you have never been a part of a finer group of people and just think next Christmas you, too, can attend the wonderful Christmas Dinner.

After we left the church following the dinner sister Jane and I drove through the Trail of Lights at Bell Park. Greenwood Focus is another organization Greenwood can be proud of. The drive was beautiful and I have never seen a more perfect Nativity. The manger being in the open pavilion was perfect. The back of the pavilion was closed in and a perfect manger was built. The many animals around made it seem real. I admire the people who braved the cold to be wisemen and shepherds. I wanted to stop and talk to those taking part but it was too cold for me to get out of the car which made me really appreciate those taking part in the Nativity. Although I no longer live in Greenwood I will always be a part of it. When I see how all the organizations work together to make things happen I feel so much pride. If you are a new resident in Greenwood find an organization that you are interested in and join. I am sure they would love to have you. Attend the City Council Meetings. I know you will find them interesting. I have heard people say the same people run everything. The reason for this is these people are interested in making GREENWOOD A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE.