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REFLECTIONS: September 11 —

Have you ever been busy when out of the blue something totally not thought of enters your mind? The other day I was getting ready to go to church when suddenly the question What Does a Lifetime Warranty mean? Strange I know. Does it mean your lifetime or the lifetime of the product? Is the lifetime of a product six weeks, six months, or six years? I have some kitchen utensils that have a lifetime warranty on them that I bought after the tornado forty- four years ago. One of the spatulas has a break in it. For some reason I saved part of the lid on the box that they came in that said LIFETIME WARRANTY. I have laughed to myself when I thought the company may not even be in business today. Does that Lifetime Warranty mean that after forty years the life span has run out? Brother Jim came by the other morning for a cup of coffee so I told him what had been on my mind. His answer, “What does Certificate of authenticity or a Certified used car mean?” He said, “We know when it is a used car so why do we need a Certified used car?”

It would be nice if some things like a marriage or a guarantee that your children would always live life that as parents you had brought them up to live. I frequently get a letter making me an offer to get a longer warranty on something on my car even it is as old as it is. Do I take them up on the offer? I don’t think so. I am tempted to write the company who made my spatula just to see if they are in business. The wear and tear that spatula has been through the last forty plus years I would be ashamed to ask about the guarantee on it although it would be fun to see if they are still in business and the warranty is still good.

The last week of summer has been upon us. We did not seem to have much summer except at times during June and July. Here it is almost time for the beginning of fall when summer has bared its ugly head. Today is the 30th of August and the heat is overwhelming. However I can remember starting to school in the old Rock School the first of September when the hot air blowing through the opened windows almost took your breath away, especially on the south side of the school and on the second floor. I remember it mostly when I was in the fourth grade. My room was the room where the entrance to the fire escape was located. That thing made me have sweats just looking at it with the windows of the room up and south DRY WIND blowing it was hot. When I was in Mary Dunn’s fifth grade room on the north side it didn’t seem so hot. Maybe it was because the wind wasn’t hitting that side of the side of the metal cylinder thing we had to slide down if there was a fire drill. One thing I could never understand was why the teachers didn’t have to go down the thing when we had a fire drill????? There was one or two I would have loved to see go down. I have had friends tell me they loved to go down it. I have always thought as Mama used to say, “Their mind is not hitting on all cylinders!” At least there is not a LIFE TIME WARRANTY THAT YOU HAD TO GO DOWN THAT THING!!! Thank goodness for cool houses and cars.