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Stork visit’s Bolin family

Today is April second and is a day I never fail to think about especially April second, 1933. It was a beautiful spring day as I, along with my dear friend Miss Ellen, walked the railroad track to my house. She was holding my hand while I walked on the rails. We lived on the Governor Little Farm where Crooked Creek addition is now located. I had spent the night at Miss Ellen and Miss Belle’s. At that time I was the little Princess of the Bolin family. Miss Ellen and Miss Belle treated me as if I was too. I was the baby of the Bolin family and had been for almost four years. I was little and cute (or thought I was) with blond curly hair. When I got home that day was I ever in for a shock. Sometime while I was gone the stork had been to the Bolin house. I had a little baby brother named Jim. I had been knocked off my throne as the little princess and instead a little prince had taken my place. I kinda liked him the first few days until my jealously kicked in. I begged Mama and Daddy to please give him back to the stork. When they tried to explain to me that the stork wouldn’t take him back I tried to get them to give him to the Tom Little Family or the Clifford Dillard Family. Both families lived just across the highway from us. I was sure the stork had dropped him at the wrong house. I resented him from the very beginning, still do! (Joking) I wonder whatever happened to the stork? I wonder if someone shot him. In June three years later in 1936, the stork visited our house again and left a little sister named Jane. I guess I had become used to not being the princess anymore so I didn’t pay much attention to her being added to the family.

Most kids today have never heard of the stork. They know more, or as much as I do, about most things. The birth of a baby has become a family affair. A mother-to-be doesn’t wait for the stork to come, she tells the Doctor when she wants to go to the hospital or the Doctor tells her when to be there. If he is going on vacation he wants to get it over with. Birthing used to be a private matter, now all the kith and kin with cameras are there.

Back to Brother Jim, Sister Maxine always talked about how cute and sweet he was. I never heard her say that about me, another reason I had to be jealous. I think Brother Pat was quite fond of him, too. Jim is a walker. When his doctor told him he needed to walk for his health he decided if he had to walk he would have a set pattern. He decided he would walk every street in Fort Smith. Not only did he walk every street in Fort Smith but Riley Farms and Barling. He was seventy-five years old when he started his walking. He used a city map and would mark each street as he walked all 495 miles of them. As he had to double back to his car on many of his walks he walked nearly six hundred miles in one year. His own private walk-a-thon. Today he is still walking. He has walked the streets of Chaffee Crossing, the walking trails at Ben Geren Park and Chaffee Crossing. When he walked such places as Clayton Expressway his wife Pat would follow him in her car. Even though I wanted my Mama and Daddy to send him back from whence he came I am kinda glad they kept him. I enjoy the mornings he comes by for coffee and a chat. I really did learn to LOVE my Brother, Jim.

Once upon a time I sent my brother a Birthday Card. It told how wonderful I was. I guess he didn’t like what it said and sent it back to me on my birthday which is in July. I sent it back to him in April. This year I sent it for the SIXTEENTH time. It only takes a business envelope to mail it in. The last one of us to “go” is to be buried with it. (Joking)