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I should have listened, I blew it and I knew it

Apr 16, 2014 4:07am

My wife and I were out on a fishing trip to one of our favorite spots, good ole Lee Creek. We had been fishing all day and were headed back in when I heard, “Hey honey. I think I got one and it is...

Miracle on the Square

Apr 16, 2014 4:07am

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April is Autism Awareness Month

Apr 16, 2014 4:05am

Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is the fastest growing developmental disability with an average 17% growth rate each year.

The latest statistics show...

Ringside seat at my kitchen table

Apr 16, 2014 4:05am

I’m gradually getting my appetite back after losing it during my stay in rehab. I don’t know when I’ve ever eaten a better and more delicious bowl of chili…homemade here at home.

There’s ice...

APTD published a 27 page brochure on agritourism

Apr 09, 2014 4:07am

Last Thursday, $54.3 million in state aid was authorized to go for building projects in 54 Arkansas school districts. The new funding puts the state well over the $1 billion mark in state money...

New regulations approved last year regarding voter identification

Apr 09, 2014 4:07am

Your vote this year will impact the future of our state in many ways. It will determine our next Governor, our Constitutional Officers, and who will represent your district here at the Capitol. We...

Town Hall meetings via phone allow thousands to talk live to Senator

Apr 09, 2014 4:07am

When the schedule in Washington makes it difficult to spend an extended amount of time in Arkansas, I try to host telephone town halls from my Washington, DC office. These events allow me to reach...

The IRS watchdog group recently warned about tax scam

Apr 02, 2014 4:07am

The countdown to the filing deadline for 2013 taxes is on so when IRS pops up on caller ID, it might not be a surprise. Your first thought may be that the agency is calling about the tax forms you...

Walking is the best exercise

Apr 02, 2014 4:07am

The other day when I was reflecting back to my years of growing up in Greenwood when most people walked wherever they needed to go as few people owned cars. Frank told me about a time he hitched...

Pervasive Parenting

Apr 02, 2014 4:07am

We know that children on the autism spectrum are tethered to routine more than other children. This is why last week’s spring break paired with remodeling our house was double-trouble for Konner...

Criteria shouldn’t include education

Apr 02, 2014 4:07am

Dear Editor,

A couple of weeks ago, you published an article concerning the salary scale of the Greenwood Mayor which left me puzzled. Frankly, I could not understand a word of it. I am...

All in the name

Apr 02, 2014 4:07am

It’s common to hear someone say ever-once-in-a-while, “I don’t like my name.” Not me.

I’ve always liked my name. I also like the story that “goes with it,” especially since it’s been...


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