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NEWS FROM THE ARKANSAS HOUSE: Unemployment rate continues to decline

Apr 27, 2016 11:35am

The General Assembly is inching closer to finalizing a balanced budget for the next fiscal year. The pace of this Fiscal Session picked up significantly after the passage of SB121. Speaker Gillam...


Apr 27, 2016 5:06am

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ON THE SQUARE: My Mini Fridge

Feb 24, 2016 11:05am

Well it is official. I have been promoted to editor. “What is the difference between an editor and a reporter” you may ask. In my opinion, at smaller papers at least, the reporter writes the news...

NEWS FROM THE ARKANSAS HOUSE: Governor Hutchinson’s Weekly Column and Radio Address: Congressional App Challenge

Feb 24, 2016 5:35am

Last week, I enjoyed visiting with several students who competed in the Congressional App Challenge. The competition was designed to encourage high school students to use computer coding to create...

Kay Ladd letter

Feb 24, 2016 5:06am

Dear Editor:

My name is Kay Ladd. I am a retired teacher from Fort Smith. I taught school for Trinity Catholic Jr. High and for over 25 years I have had the privilege of watching many young...

Ann Marie Hester letter

Feb 24, 2016 5:06am

I am writing about the upcoming circuit judge election set for March 1, 2016. I have worked with candidate Dianna Hewitt Ladd as her legal assistant for the past 15 years. During those years, I...

NEWS FROM THE SENATE: Reforming Chemical Safety Standards is Good for All

Feb 24, 2016 5:05am

As parents and grandparents, we want to protect our children from danger. We keep a close eye on what they eat, where they’re playing and who their friends are, but there are hidden hazards that...

MARY’S MEANDERINGS: The Cherry Tree Story

Feb 24, 2016 5:05am

We all know the tale of George Washington and the cherry tree, but do you know about Parson WEEMS, the man who recorded the story?

WEEMS was born October, 1759, at Marshes Seat, the old...

Spradley Letter

Feb 24, 2016 4:07am

Dear Editor,

I’d like to ask voters, please don’t harm America. Please don’t vote for Hillary, Bernie or Trump in the primary election. Consider Cruz, Rubio and Carson. Say no to radicals...

Norma Burks Letter

Feb 24, 2016 4:07am

Dear Editor,

I would like everyone to know how much Judith Miller does for our community, for example when my husband passed away she went out of her way to help me with making sure I filled...

HISTORY MINUTE: William Grant Still was a noted composer in the 1920s through the 1940s

Feb 24, 2016 4:07am

William Grant Still was a noted composer of popular and classical music. Though facing a difficult childhood, the Arkansan overcame his early setbacks and found the way to let his artistic spirit...


Feb 17, 2016 11:35am

Black History Month is an annual celebration during the month of February to highlight the achievements by black Americans. The event grew from a weeklong celebration which historian Carter G....

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