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Light UP the Night: 2014 Greenwood Basketball Homecoming

<p>Homecoming Queen Lundon Williams</p>

Homecoming Queen Lundon Williams

<p>Grant Morgan, Evan Lensing, Queen Lundon Williams, Michael Rhea, Drake Lee</p>

Grant Morgan, Evan Lensing, Queen Lundon Williams, Michael Rhea, Drake Lee

Kneeling (from left):

  • Matt Ludwig — son of Kristy and David Ludwig
  • Grant Thomas — son of Sheila and Aaron Thomas
  • Hudson Meeker — Attendant — son of Shaina and Terral Meeker
  • Reece Schaub — Attendant — daughter of Kaitlin Schaub and Landon Williams
  • Mason Cantrell — son of Bridget Hasley and William Cantrell
  • Pierce Evans — son of Serena and Paul Evans
  • Cameron Snyder — son of Cynthia Donaldson and Randy Snyder

Middle Row (from left):

  • Jessica Bradshaw (Sophomore Maid) — daughter of Nout Landherr and Jimmy Bradshaw
  • Jackson Cole — son of Alisa and Tate Cole
  • Peyton Clements (Junior Maid) — daughter of Lynette and Ragon Clements
  • Ashley Taylor (Senior Maid) — daughter of Kristen and Mike Taylor
  • Lundon Williams (Queen) — daughter of Pam and Ronnie Williams
  • Haleigh Henson (Senior Maid of Honor) — daughter of Stacy and Craig Henson
  • Kevin Jones — son of Mona and Rick Jones
  • Brittany Branum (Junior Maid) — daughter of Melinda and Anthony Branum
  • Maddie Goodner (Sophomore Maid) — daughter of Carolyn and Greg Goodner

Back Row (from left):

  • Dustin Lundsford — son of Dawn Crumb and Jonathan Lunsford
  • Nick Houston — son of Laura Houston
  • Ryan Davis — son of Lisa Davis and the late Roger Davis
  • Jordan Hernandez — son of Liberty Hernandez and Paul Hernandez
  • Drake Lee — son of Libby and David Lee
  • Grant Morgan — son of Angie Shaw and Matt Morgan
  • Evan Lensing — son of Michelle and Doug Lensing
  • Michael Rhea — son of Diana and Shannon Rhea
  • Logan Hollinsaid — son of Kim and Adam Hollinsaid
  • Ryan Padilla — son of Angie and Tony Padilla
  • Chase Sanders — son of Angie and Kendell Efurd
  • Hunter Johnston — son of Joann and Eddy Johnston
  • Kyler Keddie — son of Marka and Eric Keddie

Not Pictured:

  • Logan Bollman — son of Janelle and Scott Bollman