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Q & A with Justin Barker

<p>Justin Barker</p>

Justin Barker

Grade & Age:

12th, 18.

How many years have you played football?

7 years.

What is your current position?

Outside Linebacker.

What positions have you played in the past?

Offensive Line, surprisingly.

What other sports/activities are you involved in?

No other sports.

What is your favorite subject in school?


What are your plans after High School?

Join the Army, hopefully becoming a Ranger.

How do you celebrate a win?

A large meal from Taco Bell, and sleeping till noon on Saturday.

How has a coach/player affected your life on or off the field?

Coach Cox, he has always pushed me an dmade me do a little extra, which has transfered off the field.

From last week’s Bulldog of the Week, Reid Wheeler, “Who is your favorite Bulldog of all time?”

Marco Vota

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